Beautiful in Black and White

November 22, 2013Posted by berthain Dress

Beautiful in Black and WhiteChoosing colors for your dress is always confusing. You have to be smart to mix the colors and match the style of your dress you will wear. If you are so confused that have no idea at all, why don’t you try black and white? It is the easiest way to dress you can try.

Black and white are timeless beautiful. It matches anything from shoes to hat. Never think that you will look so outcast in black and white. Instead, you will look simple but beautiful in black and white.

Black and white now become a fashion trend again as a refreshing of colorful fashion trend people used to wear. There are many choices of motifs of black and white you can choose such as graphic appeal, animal prints, stripes, embellishment, etc. Graphic appeal is good for you who intend to camouflage your body faults.

Wear it and your weakness will disappear. For animal prints, you have to be careful not to overdo it. Because it will look too much. As the solution, choose the bag or shoes with animal print to make you look properly beautiful in black and white. If you like stripes, wear the simple dress with stripes. The motifs itself will give you a glamorous look so it is not necessary to choose the complicated dress in stripes.

Some people may love to be the center of attention by wearing dress with motifs. But, if you are a sort of calm person, you can try minimal black and white. A little trim of white or black on your dress is enough to give you a punch.

For bag or shoes, you can choose them in line with your black-and-white theme or, instead, you can wear a colorful one. Never be hesitant to wear a red bag or shoes, because black and white are transparent to any colors. Wear your dress confidently, then you will look beautiful in black and white.

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