Victoria Beckham Goes Casual In Her Khaki Jacket

February 24, 2014Posted by vomagzin Casual Fashion, Celebrity Fashion, Fashion Ideas

Jeans are generally the farthest thing far from Victoria Beckham’s psyche when she dresses in the morning. In any case the mother-of-four dug out a few denims as she tried for an easy look while traveling to South Africa on Sunday. The 39-year-old star was seen looking generally dressed down in her pants, striped top and khaki jacket as she was shot in the wake of touching down in Cape Town. She was even seen having swapped her normal ample totes for something considerably more viable – a rucksack – for the flight.

Victoria Beckham strove for a more cool look as she touched down in South Africa on Sunday. Notwithstanding, Victoria added some allure to her look with a couple of wild dark heeled boots and sunglasses – abandoning her brunette hair smooth and gleaming. With her submits her the pockets of her khaki jacket, Victoria looked chic and sure as she strutted her stuff through the landing strip and to her holding up auto. Prior, Victoria had clarified the purposes behind her trek to South Africa, written work on her Twitter page: ‘Looking forward to meeting @bornfreeafrica in Cape Town to support the initiative to end mother to child HIV transmission x vb #JoinBornFree.

This is an extraordinary dressed-down days for Victoria Beckham. Actually, she was flying all things considered, yet, we’ve seen her prepare to leave a plane in dresses and trouser suits. Be that as it may, here she demonstrates to us proper methodologies to still be super chic and cool all pronto. Her khaki, military roused jacket is an extraordinary wardrobe staple. Adaptable to wear over essentially anything – yes, we’ve even seen a few stars toss one over a dress – and agreeable enough to wear on a flight, VB works hers great.

Cooperated with a basic striped T-shirt, signature thin pants and a couple of astonishing, strappy boots, Victoria demonstrates that this utilitarian look does precisely what it says on the tin – down to earth yet uber in vogue. As a style symbol, this is yet an alternate Victoria Beckham look we’ll all be copying for a long time to come. We’re surging out to purchase a khaki jacket much the same as this.


Victoria Beckham Goes Casual In Her Khaki Jacket Photos

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