Top 3 Korean Fashion Icons

February 17, 2014Posted by vomagzin Celebrity Fashion, Fashion Icon

The Korean wave, otherwise called “Hallyu” or some individuals like to call it the “Hallyuwood” phenomena has made its courses everywhere throughout the globe. At this point, there are more individuals getting conscious of the effect these social buzz influencing our organizations and living style. On top of that, Korean fashion explanation is making their imprint on the world’s fashion house on account of the expanding ubiquity of Korean fashion icons in the eyes of the world. Therefore, these superstars are turning into the Korean fashion’s minister to acquaint Korean dressing lines with the world and to build their individual Korean designer’s profile on the fashion world.

Easy fashion style transform into one of this season of fashion patterns 2014. That is totally a well-known choice, especially for the teens. Easy fashion style, makes us show up all the more crisp and agreeable. Cool fashion style is not bound to jeans and trousers, and not young ladies can go for different styles of the easy wear decently adjusted to run well with your class.

Korea offers an entire exhibition of fashion icons, who characteristic selective styles viewed by numerous individuals from everywhere throughout the world. Joined a slight profile with innovative outfits and remarkable extras. The effect? 100% enthusiasm to draw from these three Korean fashion icons.

1. Kim So-Yeon

The examplary outfits of Kim So-yeon, the star of TV’s “All About Eve” motivate fashion darlings from Asia with each open manifestation. From pencil skirts joined with delightful shirts to cool creature prints consolidated with denim, Kim So-yeon is an extraordinary Korean fashion symbol that draws a long-meriting consideration.

2. Lee Da Hae

The performing artist and model Lee Da Hae emphasizes some innovative outfits that break any existent fashion principles for the purpose of the most fascinating fashion style.

3. Ko So-Young

She picks easy fashion-forward outfits, from oversize coats to cover print scarves and striped shirts.


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