There’s Nothing Taylor Swift Loves More Than A Pair Of High-Waisted Shorts

February 25, 2014Posted by vomagzin Celebrity Fashion, Pants

The pair have gotten connected recently, posting Instagram shots of adoring grasps and spouting tributes to one another on Twitter. Also Taylor Swift and Lorde have now taken to long strolls together on the shore. The superstar companions wore comparable outfits as they moved together throughout the walk around an immaculate stretch of sand in Malibu on Saturday. Taylor, 24, showed her slim legs in war fleet blue high-waisted shorts paired with a powder blue shirt. She included further fabulousness with dark red lips, sunglasses and her short hair styled in a side separating.

Lorde, 17, who is known for her grunge style, appeared to take a leaf out of Taylor’s style book with her dark skirt and white pullover tucked into the waistband. At one focus the young ladies were seen strolling with their feet in the surf. In an alternate shot, Taylor made Lorde chuckle as she moved around her. Lorde then responded, doing a shimmy of her own for her really popular buddy.

The accompanying day, the artists were brought together afresh as they scrutinized the creator duds at Rag & Bone on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, before taking off to Brentwood, where they paid a trek to Free People. With the songstresses fraternizing generally, the likelihood that they could be set to work together on a melody is get-together steam. Positively a two part harmony might be intriguing with their altogether different sounds and subject of their verses.

In the matter of design there’s nothing Taylor Swift cherishes more than a pair of high-waisted shorts. Furthermore would you be able to be faulted her? Assuming that we had legs like hers, we’d be really quick to demonstrate to them off as well! Denim shorts are a bonafide wardrobe staple, and each young lady may as well have no less than one pair of excellent denim cut-offs in her wardrobe. With their high-waist and dim denim wash, Taylor’s shorts have a truly charming retro 1950s feel.

We adore the way Taylor has played up to this by styling them with a shrewd blue shirt and slice of red lipstick, and will completely be taking this look in the Spring! Until then we’ll be wearing our shorts with dark obscure tights, lower leg boots and cosy sews, for a cheeky winter look. Taylor’s high-waisted shorts are from Urban Outfitters, however have tragically now sold out. Don’t let that stop you working this look however.


There’s Nothing Taylor Swift Loves More Than A Pair Of High-Waisted Shorts Photos

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