The Variations of French Braid Hairstyles

December 16, 2012Posted by berthain Celebrity Fashion, Hair Style

The Variations of French Braid Hairstyles. French braid hairstyles are actually the common hairstyles that you can have if you want to look classic and vintage yet classy at the same time. There are many variations that you can choose. You should also know that all of the variations of French braid can be suitable for any occasion.

You can wear this for causal event, like party on the beach even to a wedding party. This hairstyle is really timeless. You can get the unique look and at the same time can enhance your appearance. The great thing is, no matter if your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, you can find that this hairstyle is suitable for you. In Christmas parties, you can also wear this one of the varieties of this hairstyle. This style is exotic and elegant alternative compared with the traditional braids. Furthermore, the French braid has many personalization and styling options.

First, you can choose top French braid. To get this style, you just have to pull your entire hair on top of your head in one French braid. Or, you can also make it two. The braid should be stopped in the halfway of your hairline. After that, you can leave the rest of your hair down. However, if you want something stylish, you can also style it in the up do. This can be one of the classic French braid hairstyles. Another choice that you can choose is the diagonal braids. You should make two braids. However, the braids should be made across the head back diagonally. Moreover, you can also make one braid diagonally ending in one side of your neck nape.

Another option that you can choose is side French braids. This is actually the simplest variation of French braids. You just have to braid your hair in one side of your head. After that, the rest of your hair can be styles in up do or in down styles. Or, you can also make the French braid on both sides of your head in front of the hair. The side swept bangs can also be the great choice to combine this hairstyle.

Next, frontal braid can also give you the elegant and classic style. You should make the off centered part of your hair that is divided upon one of the eyes. You can make the French braid by yourself from the down side of the head to the ear. Those are the variations that you can choose in French braid hairstyles.

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