Little Black Dress: Great Investment for Your Wardrobe

November 5, 2012Posted by berthain Celebrity Fashion, Women Clothing

Little Black Dress: Great Investment for Your Wardrobe.  Little Black Dress (LBD) is one apparel that must exist in every woman’s wardrobe.

This apparel is in safe category for all situations. Little black dress usually has simple and straightforward design.

This dress was first popular in the 1920’s. Little black dress from Coco Chanel which has cheap and versatile design was very favored at that time.

Every woman can wear a LBD to sudden events like a dinner invitation or cocktail party. It’s a very nice choice as an evening or cocktail dress. At least, you have to have two LBD in your wardrobe.

You also can have more because LBD tend to be boring to be used too often. But if you only have small collection of LBD, you can still look interesting and different at each meeting with appropriate accessories.

With a little touch, little black dress which had seemed dull could be dress that makes you look the most elegant and sparkling. If you attend an event that is not too formal, your little black dress can be mixed with a wide headband or headband with a flower decoration or have materials with shiny effect.

Needless to additional other jewelry if you are already using these accessories. Alternatively, wear long earrings or round with metallic colors, such as gold or silver. The selection of these earrings will accentuate your look without being excessive. Just make sure the size and shape of the earrings are not too crowded. Or you want to make your neck more impression? Just choose a long necklace or stack model long necklace. Not only adds to the level of the neck, the little black dress will not look boring.

Wearing shoes with black will make an appearance a little black dress is getting boring. If there is not a lot of jewelry you wear, just wear shoes with metallic colors, such as gold or silver. And to make the look more charming, take clutch in the same color with the color of your shoes. Last alternative, use a cardigan to look sweet and keep warm at the same time. You can wear short or long cardigan, both will look well with a simple LBD. Little black dress can indeed be said to be one of the great investment for your wardrobe. LBD can be worn anytime and anywhere, depending on how you combine them. So, it never hurts to update your LBD with the latest collection.

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