Kim Kardashian with Her Fashion Faults

October 24, 2012Posted by berthain Celebrity Fashion, Fashion Issue

Kim Kardashian with Her Fashion Faults. We can say that Kim Kardashian’s attire more improves than in the time when her boyfriend’s power influences her fashion choice.

If we look again at the time when Kim Kardashian is excited to be Kanye West’s model for Eskimo Style $6000 stuffs, we can say that her fashion choice is bad. Apparently, Kim Kardashian still enjoy to her boyfriend’s style suggestion. Kim’s fashion faults get attention from fashion police and from people who knows about fashion.

Kim Kardashian ever spotted in the street of Miami with a modified variant of expensive designer combination. She neglects to flatter her busty image. She was spotted worn skirt from Vera Wang’s Spring 2012 fashion show, but it seemed that Kim have changed the skirt into a short.

She looked a bit weird and dowdy in an unflattering “skort-suit”. Kim Kardashian seemed to try to begin a new trend from her shorts/skirt. This apparently did not do any good to her image and style reputations. We predict that Kanye influences Kim Kardashian’s choice of fashion. Those outfits were not only Kim’s fashion faults, she was also spotted walking down the beaches in South Florida with Michael Kors gold belted swimsuit. The influences of Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend continue until now. She spotted again with her fashion fault, but now she, herself acknowledge her own fault.

In her website, Kim Kardashian wrote that she puts herself in the worst dress list for that outfit. She wrote that she wanted a little color while she is living in Miami. She said that apparently she needed to be taller and thinner if she wanted to wear that jacket style, the cut was not fit for her. Kim Kardashian also added in her website that fashion is about experimenting to try and find your style. You must have some hits and misses along the way. In Her website, playfully, she blames her sisters and boyfriends for her fashion faults. She wrote “where were my sisters or boyfriend when I needed a good opinion?” Kim as international public figure must have good sense of fashion, but the sense of fashion apparently can also be influences by other people, or we can say boyfriend. With Kim’s fashion fault, we can learn that not everything we like to wear is good in the eyes of other people, but as long as we are confident, we can wear anything we like.

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