Kelly Brook is Going Bra-Less in Her Vintage Ossie Clark Dress

January 24, 2014Posted by vomagzin Celebrity Fashion

She infrequently puts a foot out of line regarding her fashion decisions, and has well and without a doubt comprehended the craft of dressing for her curvaceous figure.

Anyway Kelly Brook endured an uncommon fashion blunder as she touched base at the 2014 National Television Awards at London’s The O2 on Wednesday night.

Succumbing to the glare of the Polaroid, the 34-year-old model put a smidge more on show than she anticipated by going bra-less in her plunging vintage Ossie Clark dress.

Lamentably for the Celebrity Juice star, her envy-impelling bends turned into her ruin on the night, with her areolas unmistakably unmistakable underneath the wobbly fabric of her dress.

However her wardrobe breakdown didn’t stop the Kent-conceived excellence from well and positively shaking the red complained as she postured close by the incredible and exceptional of the TV planet. Flaunting her great sticks in her spellbinding thigh part outfit, Kelly broke all the fashion runs by putting both her legs and cleavage on show in the uncovering number.

Kelly Brook preferences to carry fabulousness to the red floor coverings, and it generally includes flaunting her executioner bends and heaps of leg. Furthermore here, she has truly run full scale with leg, cleavage and a somewhat transparent vintage Ossie Clark dress. This dress is fairly stunning, and orders celebrity main street, be that as it may its an unreliable one to force off, as Kelly exhibits. Initially issue, her abundant breasts are marginally on show all in all too tremendously (without a doubt, when she attempted this on in the solace of her own home she presumably couldn’t perceive how sheer it was).

Also, despite the fact that the thigh-high opening is uber spellbinding, it looks as if Kelly’s Sunita Mukhi stunning, sparkly grip pack is, no doubt used to hold it together, so not to blaze considerably more to the avid papps. Also you may recognise this dress too: it was the accurate one Nicole Scherzinger wore to a year ago National Television Awards. It was affirmed then that this vintage Ossie Clark dress was truth be told an authority’s piece, and is likely worth many pounds. Having said all that, we do love the delightful way Kelly dependably sticks to her attractive, charming style. Despite the fact that it is a hurl up who wore it best – her or Nicole!?


Kelly Brook is Going Bra-Less in Her Vintage Ossie Clark Dress Photos

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