High-Waisted Skirt: How to Mix and Match It

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High-Waisted Skirt: How to Mix and Match ItHigh-waisted skirt has become something popular in the latest fashion. No wonder if there are many designers that use this as the latest model of their products. You should make sure that you have one in your closet in this season. Keep in mind that this kind of skirt will give you the mellow, refined, and girly look.

Yet, not all of people are able to mix and match this trendy skirt. Mostly they will find it challenging to wear. That is why you should know how to mix and match it, so that you can look stylish with this trendy skirt. Keep in mind that this skirt will always look perfect boyfriend cardigan. And for the inner layer, you can wear simple tank top. When it comes to the foot wear, you can wear ballet flat shoes. Or, if you want to look more casual, you can wear gladiator sandal, open toe heels, or eve flip flop. If cardigan is not an option, then you can also wear your boyfriend’s blazer as the alternative.

For the models, you should know that there are several models that you can choose when it comes to high-waisted skirt. The option ranges from full, ruffle to slick. You can also choose the dressed on, dressed up, patterned, or simple one. Keep in mind that all of them will make you look stylish and trendy.

For the fabrics, you can also find that this kind of skirt is usually made up of silk, chiffon, cotton, and such. Just make sure that you choose the right material based on the current season. If you want to enhance the whimsical look, then you can choose the patterned skirt that is made up of smooth and filmy material. For the color, it is important for you to choose the one in earth color tones. You should know that regardless the occasion; this will always be the best alternative.

Another thing that you should consider if you want to choose this high-waisted skirt is the shape of your body. It is because your shape and height will play the big role on how it will look in your body. If you have the small figure with short height, then you can choose a tight smart black skirt since it will shatter the look of your body and at the some time give you more length. If you are slender and tall, then the best choice for you is the detailed and trim skirt will always be the nice choice. If you have wide hips yet small waist, it is not recommended for you to choose the skirt that lay in the waist in horizontal seams. You can always choose the vertical seams if you want to look sleeker.

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