Halloween Costume Inspiration from Kim Kardashian

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Halloween Costume Inspiration from Kim Kardashian. Getting ready for Halloween can be done by paying attention to some celebrities Halloween appearance as the one shown by Kim Kardashian who was spotted to wear a very unique Halloween costume last 27th of October, 2012.

The best thing about her costume is not only because it is totally hot and unique, but because it is also perfect to be taken as inspiration for couple costumes for the event. It can be so because in fact, at that time, she was not alone. There was her boyfriend who also worn very simple Halloween costumes that perfects the one worn by her. Of course, the reason is because both of them are in the same yet different costume theme. Here are the details.

The costume worn by Kim Kardashian when she was about to attend a Halloween event at Midori is obviously using mermaid as its main theme. In general, it can be said that her costume is a long mermaid dress. The upper part of the dress has a kind of broken white color.

What makes this upper part perfect is that there are pair of shell shapes that decorate it to. Besides, she was also known to wear some pearly accessories to match the theme. The lower part of the dress is green. Of course, it creates an effect that she is actually a mermaid. It is known that the inspiration of her costume might be taken from an old movie entitled Splash in which there is a blonde mermaid.

For her boyfriend, the costume concept is in fact so easy. He wore white pants, stripped long sleeve tee, and also a navy blue blazer. To make the concept perfect, the lowest part of his pants was rolled up a bit. The concept that she brought up is surely perfect and not that hard to follow for your own Halloween.

It is undeniable that Kim Kardashian has special appearance for every Halloween event. It is not only proven by her appearance this year, but also her previous year appearance in which she dressed up like a very famous villain character in one of Batman movies, Poison Ivy. To get more inspired by her Halloween outfit this year, it is better for you to check out some pictures of her, and her boyfriend of course, with the costumes on. Getting inspired, you will be able to look as outstanding as she is in a Halloween party that you are about to attend.

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Halloween Costume Inspiration from Kim Kardashian Photos

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