Freshen Up Your Closet with Colored Denims

July 6, 2013Posted by berthain Celebrity Fashion

Freshen Up Your Closet with Colored Denims. Jeans or denims have the biggest market throughout the world. Most people have at least one pair of jeans. It is the most comfortable pair of pants and can be paired with anything. In 2013, this particular type of fashion continues dominating with several new innovations.


Colored denims are big in every season this year. Many denims brands produce jeans with interesting colors such as pink, red, yellow, or even greenish brown. A perfect pair of jeans should hug your figure and able to hide your imperfections. Denims with great finishing have good qualities and can make you look slimmer.

Nowadays, people opt for denims with raw material. They’re a classic and tend to follow the shape of the wearer, so the denims will look more comfortable and trendy over time. So, if you’re bored with blue jeans but still hesitant to try fun-colored jeans, draw some inspirations from the following celebrities who nailed their own look with colorful denims.

Kate Middleton Wears Colored Denim

Her Royal Highness wore tangerine denims on a cricket match. She combined the coral-colored jeans with grey hooded jacket and Adidas sneakers.

Asda, a British fashion store, reported an increase in coral-colored denims up to 88 percent after Kate Middleton’s appearance. Tips: combine colorful denims with neutral colors like grey, white, or black. This match is perfect if you don’t want to look too bold, but still chic.

Kim Kardashian Wears Colored Denim

The eldest of Kardashian sisters stole the spotlight when she stroll the streets of LA wearing bright blue jeans. Kim was opting for a casual look, teamed the denims with grey blouse and off-white blazer.

Her shoes and Chanel purse are black to balance out the neon color of the denims. Tips: Wear fewer accessories when rocking a pair of neon-colored denims. Make sure the accessories, shoes, and purse are in neutral colors to avoid looking like a circus clown.

Jessica Alba Wears Colored Denim

The actress is a big fan of colorful denims. She has been seen in many occasions wearing different colors of denims. On a shopping trip, Jessica was sporting purple jeans with a tribal-patterned top and a long necklace.

Completing the look, she wore a casual black blazer. On other occasion, the actress was seen combining electric-red denims with a colorful-striped blouse. To balance the look, she wore black boots and scarf. Tips: mixing colored denims with patterned top is great. Just make sure the pattern consists of neutral colors or the color of the denim.

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