Dress Beautifully With Nicole Richie Fashion

March 23, 2015Posted by vanitain Celebrity Fashion

If we are talking about fashion then one name that must cross our mind is Nichole Richie with the Nicole Richie fashion which is also as famous as the designer. Yes, this actress who is also a fashion designer has a very huge collection of clothes or dresses that can be our choice.

It is no doubt that Nicole Richie has been one of the actress that has a very good fashion taste which is why her clothes or dresses collection  has a decent quality. She is not only designing one kind of dress whereas she designed lots of it. In here we are going to talk a bit about some of the Nicole Richie fashion that will bring a new option for us in choosing the best dress for us to wear.

Handkerchief from Nicole Richie Fashion Collection

The first collection from Nicole Richie fashion is the handkerchief with fringe. This kind of handkerchief has a very unique design and color which makes it adorable to be worn in every occasion.

Handkerchief from Nicole Richie Fashion Collection

This handkerchief also will make us look glamour and classy with its triangle shape that has fringe along two sides with a clean-finish top edge. The main material of this handkerchief is 100% cotton and it only need a hand wash in order to keep it clean. With its glamour and elegant look, this handkerchief has been one of the most wanted item from Nicole Richie fashion.

Nicole Richie Fashion Scarf

The second collection that also comes from Nicole Richie fashion is the scarf. The scarf from her fashion collection vary which two of the most popular scarfs are the floral printed scarf and the two day printed scarf.

Nicole Richie Fashion Scarf

Both of them show a luxurious design with a good variation of color. The perfect combination of those two aspects have made those scarfs very famous nowadays. Both of them are made from 100% polyester which makes them strong enough against any conditions that we are living in. The design for the floral printed scarf is natural and beautiful which extremely fits in facing the spring season.  The two way printed scarf also comes with a luxurious design which makes it appropriate to be used in formal events.

In conclusion, Nicole Richie has made some groundbreaking clothes that alleviates her name to be one of the most famous fashion designers. This is why Nicole Richie fashion will continue to proof its dominance in the fashion’s world.


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