Cristiano Ronaldo Casual Dress Style

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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest football players who ever played the game, but he also got a charisma outside the field with his own Cristiano Ronaldo casual dress style. He has been gifted by the unbelievable talent in football but he also combined it with a good look and good posture. This makes a lot of people especially girls who truly admire him as an athlete or public figure. Today, we are not talk about his achievement in football but let’s take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo casual dress style than can be your inspiration to look great.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fashion Vogue

Cristiano Ronaldo casual dress style is simply like many other football players, except when it comes for him to attend press conference because he usually wears tight tee. It may be not that he worn the incorrect size of the tee, meanwhile he wants to have the style of a real football player with muscle everywhere. One of the wonderful things of Cristiano Ronaldo casual dress style is when he wears the black tee which is showing his well built muscle that is combined with the wonderful style of the jeans in the color of blue. The next one is the leather jacket style which is usually used by him when hangout with his kid or friends. This is the perfect combination of basic tee and then adds the leather jacket which will ring his charisma outside the field.

CR7 Shirt Collection

The CR7 shirt collection concept is brought by the core ideas of the underwear collection which based from style and function. The designer of CR7 shirt collection, Richard Chai uses the idea of mobility as the part of the creative center.

Cristiano Ronaldo is well known for the way he plays and moves on the field and the designer want to to create a perfect Cristiano Ronaldo casual dress style collection for the active man.

The main collection is created with stretch, by using the best quality materials and bringing an updated twist. The CR7 shirt collection has a couple of special characters in its premium finishing. But, in line with the personal Cristiano Ronaldo casual dress style, the details, materials and construction of the shirt is far more fashion forward. The designer wants to create the different shirt collection compared to other fashion collections by adding a slight, sexiness, twist and edge to the line.





Cristiano Ronaldo Casual Dress Style Photos

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