Celebrities’ Fashion in Grammy Grabbed the Attention

February 9, 2013Posted by berthain Celebrity Fashion

Celebrities’ Fashion in Grammy Grabbed the Attention. Celebrities’ fashion in Grammy must be one of the things that people will always feel curious for. It cannot be denied that Grammy is the biggest event of music. Besides, in this event also we can take a look at the fashion which becomes the most recent trends. It can be said so since fashion is also affected by celebrities who wear it.

It means that a celebrity which his or her popularity is capable in affecting people to do whatever they do includes wearing the outfit just like they are. This kind of effect which cause a certain outfit then become a new trend in fashion and since last Sunday the Grammy has already held, then it is also important for us to take a look of the red carpet show at that night, at least just to know what is going on with the fashion today.

Their outfits got the attention

Talking about red carpet show of Celebrities’ fashion in Grammy last Sunday, there are some celebrities who were successfully grab the attention of the cameras. Those celebrities are such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Beyonce, and also Carrey Underwood. The outfits that they wore were totally adorable and stunning. As if it can be said that those celebrities have the best look in that night.

For example, we can see the appearance of Rihanna who wore a deck length red gown which was designed by Azzedine Alaia and was combined with the jewelry from Neil Lane. In this kind of look, she was so hot. The same type of dress was also worn by Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Taylor Swift appeared in a white backless dress. In this outfit she looked so glamorous and elegant but she did not lose her sense of chic. While, Katy Perry had it in a mint-green long-sleeved dress. Her hot look was supported by the beading around her neckline.

It improves our fashion sense

On the other line, Beyonce had it in the simpler way but she still looked amazing in her outfit. For this 55th Grammy, she wore a geometric pantsuit in the color of black and white. This old school look seems to show her spirit for this event. Last but not least, the elegant look was brought by Carrie Underwood who wore a black-grey gown which is combined with a jewel neckband. By seeing those celebrities’ fashion in Grammy, we can simply improve our fashion and look.

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