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October 20, 2012Posted by berthain Celebrity Fashion, Hair Style

Best fashion this year may be marked by the vibrant and bold colors in clothes. Yet, when it comes to hair, there are some styles that can be considered as best fashion hairstyle. It is true that it is kind of hard to choose some of the hair styles that can be the leading style. Yet, here you can find some of the styles that will suit you best. For women, you should know that bob haircut will never fail to give you the impressive look. It may be the oldest haircut in fashion. Yet, you can be sure that this hairstyle is the thing that makes some celebrities remains popular these days. For example, you can see Victoria Beckham.

She has the great bob haircut that has made her an icon. For the modification, you can also get the edgy look with this kind of haircut. You can make the back of your hair extremely short, while as the hair approaches the front side, it grows even longer, and the front side will be long. The two combination of short and long can be combined in bob haircut.

Next, you can also consider having the short hair. Having extremely short hair does not make you more masculine. In fact, you can still look sweet and feminine in the short hair for men. You can get the idea of short hairstyle from Halle Berry and Rihanna.

They have the short haircut yet they still look nice and sweet. If you want to choose this in best fashion hairstyle, then it is recommended for you to choose the dark color. Dark and short haircut will give you the hot look that has been successfully introduced by the younger trends. Spiky hair will also make you look sexy. If you have medium length hair and you do not want to cut it short, you can also get the best with it. It is because the medium hairstyle is simple and easy to style. You can make it as it is. Do not forget to style it and maintain it if you want to look fashionable with it.

If you have long hair, then you can consider having homecoming hairstyle. It is actually the kind of style that will be used in formal occasion, like prom night. It is important for you to boost the volume of your hair.  You can use the hair rollers to get the volume you need. Next, you can also use the hair spray that is considerably strong enough to complete your hairstyle during the occasion. Curly high-volume style is the best fashion hairstyle for you in the formal event.

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