Batik Goes Hollywood

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Batik Goes Hollywood. Since the 2nd October 2010, Batik has been admitted as the Indonesian Heritage. The characteristics of batik that are unique have been announced by UNESCO as the original Indonesian heritage.

Batik becomes more and more popular in the world since it becomes one of many world heritages; its popularity brings many options of new patterns and modes of Indonesian batik. Starting from colors that are more colorful and the techniques used to make it that is more varieties. The broadly spread of batik began when almost student in Indonesian public schools wearing batik as their uniform in many certain days.

Besides, the government officials also wears batik every Friday, for example, also encourage the popularity of batik. Celebrities also become batik ambassador for Indonesia represented in the contest of Miss Universe and Miss World.

Certainly as Indonesia people, we are proud of batik that it becomes the most wanted fashion in the latest years. Many designers from many countries try to involve batik in some of their dress design such as for formal dress, casual dress, until formal evening gowns.

Because batik has been popular in the world, it would be perfect if you wear batik in many occasions such as for your official dress, going to the party or for your daily dress because batik is very flexible for your daily life. In addition, batik has many impressive style and patterns that makes you more attractive when you wear batik. That is the reason why many celebrities in Hollywood wore batik both in red carpet and in their daily life. Paris Hilton, Rachel Billson, Jessica Alba are the celebrities who interested wearing batik in their occasions.

The flexibility of batik that can be matched with other cloths is one reason why batik becomes so interesting for those celebrities who wore batik in their occasion. You can wear it as a beautiful dress when you are going to dinner with your boyfriend, it would be more elegant to do so. If you are a kind of casual person, you can match it with your black jacket, and it would be very nice wearing black jacket with batik patterns on it.

Bringing batik bag in your street style is also a choice; you will attract people attention because you are suited with your bag. Those explanations are evidences that batik has become the latest batik trend in Hollywood, and batik will be more popular if the owners of batik, Indonesian people, love to wear batik in our daily life.

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