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2NE1 Featured on Vogue Magazine. K-pop or also known as Korean Pop is showing their influence towards the world through their music, singers, boy bands and girl bands. This phenomenon is also known as Korean wave. Many singers, boy bands, girl bands and celebrities from South Korea are success to gain popularity in the other countries outside Korea, including big countries such as United States, Paris, England and Australia. One of many artists from South Korea that become successful gaining popularity all over the world is 2NE1.

This girl band has 4 members; they are Minzy, CL, Dara and Park Bom. They start their debut in 2009 with their single that named as fire. They are not just bringing the good songs for their listeners, but they also bring fun to their appearance on stage.

Besides offering their fan with great songs and fun performance on stage, 2NE1 is also has good fashion sense. They bring up their private style with strong and youthful touch on their costumes. They become more popular all over the world after they released their single that titled with “I am the Best”. This song is become very popular not only because it has a good beat but it is also because the futuristic theme that they bring on the video. In the “I am the Best” video, you can see the unique and futuristic costumes that they wore in the video. This artistic looks become more complete with sensational hair do that they have for this video.

2NE1 looks very gorgeous and extraordinary with their straightjackets, demon-horned hairdo, gelato rabbit-ear caps, aluminum bats and assault rifles in this video. They are succeeding to make this video very interesting to watch and make people impressed with their video concept. And because of this reason, American version of Vogue Magazine makes them as reference in one of their magazine issue.

In the magazine, the article said that younger demographic in South Korea these days are more like to wear outfits in rock chic look. They like to wear the collection from Alexander Wang and Junya Watanabe that popular with their grunge, chic and gothic looks. This kind of fashion sense is really matched with 2NE1’s styles. They like to dress up in extraordinary and unique way. Their image is a perfect match for rock-chic looks and that is why American version of Vogue magazine uses them as a reference. They can become the great inspiration for younger demographic in South Korea that want to dress up in rock-chic style.

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