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The full Beard - Beard Styles For Black Men

Hottest Beard Styles For Black Men To Try This Year 

July 26, 2015Fashion Icon Trends
An important object for a good character is hair. While lack of hairs would also discomfit you at many places, you sure look nice-looking... more

Swimwear Vintage Style Guide For All Body Shapes 

July 17, 2015Trends What's HOT
As long as you know what not to pull attention to and what you want to highlight, a bathing suit can be worn by everyone. A good start... more
summer plus size outfit ideas

Trend for Plus Size Woman in Summer 2015 

May 14, 2015Trends
As a woman, different figures require different kinds of styling in order our body shape and figure. Even though the trend in the regular... more

Be Different With 80s Hip Hop Fashion 

March 15, 2015Fashion Ideas Trends
If we are talking about the most happening fashion in the 1980s then we are clearly talking about 80s hip hop fashion. Yes, this fashion... more
Korean Beauty Trends 2015

Make Yourself Beautiful By Following The 2015 Korean Beauty Trends 

March 6, 2015Make Up Trends
When it comes to trend, Korea has made itself to be a country that proliferate many cool trends including the 2015 Korean beauty trends.... more

Top 5 Men’s Hairstyle 2015 

March 5, 2015Hair Style Trends
Both men and women like to go to barbershop or even beauty shop to maximize their look. Women would do anything in beauty shop for their... more

Take Cues from 80s Punk Fashion 

January 11, 2015Trends
There are numerous things we can learn from 80s punk fashion. The fashion trends over the course of that decade were heavily influenced by... more

High Fashion Designers You Can Look Up To 

January 10, 2015Trends
High fashion designers have earned their rightful places in the industry. There is a long list of top designers who have shared their... more

The Important Elements of Mens Urban Fashion 

January 10, 2015Men Clothing Trends
There are a lot of things we can explain about mens urban fashion. Looking urban is pretty easy especially since many of us are living... more

The 80s Fashion Trends Never Fall Out of Style 

January 8, 2015Trends
The 80s fashion trends teach us many things. We will explore the fashion trends from that decade. Here are some popular fashion trends that... more