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Choose Your Korean Fashion Style

How to Apply Korean Fashion Style 

January 27, 2015Tips
Although it is not as popular as last year, but you still can feel the Korean wave in almost every corner of your town. And let’s face... more

Best Street Fashion Blog, Inspire You To Be Stylish 

January 22, 2015Tips
There are a lot of fashion style spread in this whole world for both man and woman, girl and boys or male and female. One of the most... more

Creating A Signature Fashion Style 

December 7, 2014Tips
Creating A Signature Fashion Style - Do you feel like always catching up with the latest trends without owning a really unique identity?... more

Matching Color Combinations that Will Always Work 

December 7, 2014Tips
It is not difficult to find matching color combinations. No matter what the weather may be, some colors are versatile enough to go through... more

Versatile Layering Techniques for All Seasons 

December 4, 2014Tips
Do you need some layering techniques for your outfits? Here are some tips for winter layering. Wearing a layer of outfits is obviously... more

Want to Start Selling Wholesale Fashion Clothing? 

November 16, 2014Tips
Wholesale fashion clothing offers very competitive prices. If you need new fashion pieces and not plan on spending a fortune, wholesale... more

Fashion Tips in Wearing Short during Fall Season 

October 27, 2014Skirt Tips
A lot of people think that shorts are not suitable to wear in fall season considering how cold this windy season could be. What about those... more

3 Favorite Ways to Wear the Pussybow Dress 

October 4, 2014Tips
The pussybow dress is an exemplary with the working population ladies in the 80s deifying it and Margaret Thatcher, the then executive of... more

Some Special Occasions Where a Prom Dress could Be Re-Worn 

October 4, 2014Dress Tips
The prom dress is without a doubt a standout amongst the most essential articles of dress you'll ever possess, so you gotta go huge. Sure,... more

The Secret of Wearing An Oversize Sweaters 

September 20, 2014Tips
Right now in the season, its safe to assume you're building a close-weave relationship with your most loved sweaters. That is... more