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Top-tier and Famous Fashion Photographers 

January 16, 2015News
Let's talk about famous fashion photographers. The fashion industry is nothing without photographers. Why did we say that? Well, fashion is... more

Heidi Klum “Takes Over” Elle Macpherson 

October 19, 2014News
Who does not know about Heidi Klum? Her name represents sexiness and beauty. And a kind of big news has come from her. Yes, Heidi Klum is... more

The New Member of CFDA Is the Founder of Marchesa! 

October 18, 2014News
Co-creative director who is also known as the founder of Marchesa, Georgina Chapman, has been reported to join CFDA (Council of Fashion... more

The Popularity of Indonesian Batik 

April 26, 2014News
Around the numerous tributes paid to Nelson Mandela (R.i.p), few have touched on his part as a fashion icon. But in Indonesia, where he is... more

Watch Out For The Latest Korean Fashion Trends On The 3rd Korea Style Week 

February 20, 2014News
We adore Korean style, and we realize that Seoul is one of the most sweltering exceptional urban areas in the manner world at this moment,... more

A Trend of Middle-Aged Korean Women Who Look Younger Longer 

February 19, 2014News
The later comeback of performer Ko Hyun-jung, who is in her 30s yet looks 25, highlights a pattern of middle-aged Korean women who look... more

Korean Only Designer Lingerie Brand, Vina J Lingerie, Begins Crowd Funding Project 

February 12, 2014News
The only designer lingerie brand in Korea, VINA J Lingerie, begins crowd funding project with CRACK-ER, Fashion Crowd Funding Platform.... more