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Scary Halloween Make Up for Girl Zombie

Girls’ Scariest Makeup Ideas for Halloween 

September 16, 2015Make Up Tips
Halloween party is celebrated every October 31st as a tradition for people in the USA. Children and teenagers, both boys and girls like... more
Korean Beauty Trends 2015

Make Yourself Beautiful By Following The 2015 Korean Beauty Trends 

March 6, 2015Make Up Trends
When it comes to trend, Korea has made itself to be a country that proliferate many cool trends including the 2015 Korean beauty trends.... more
Fashion Fair Cosmetic - Perfect Finish Concealer

Fashion Fair Cosmetics Review 

February 9, 2015Make Up
Some of you probably already hear about Fashion Fair Cosmetics. But in case you don't know, the Fashion Fair Cosmetics are one of the... more

Makeup Tips: Making Hooded Eyes Bigger and Rounder 

July 25, 2014Make Up
We want to teach you on how to create open up hooded eyes as makeup artists usually do. Not everyone is blessed with naturally big eyes.... more

Natural Make-Up Trend for Fall Season 

Natural Make-Up Trend for Fall Season. This fall season, natural look is becoming a popular trend for daily make-up. This trend makes... more

5 Steps on Applying the Blush Perfectly 

June 8, 2014Make Up
Blush has long been viewed as an excellence must. Numerous ladies dodge blush however it might be your magnificence mystery weapon. For... more

The Girls who Wear Eyeglasses should Avoid These 7 Makeup Mistakes 

June 5, 2014Make Up
It is a typical misperception that wearing eyeglasses exacerbates your eyes, to a point where you can't go without the glasses. There is no... more

Finding The Ideal Shade of Red Lipstick For Your Lip 

June 3, 2014Make Up
Red is the color of enthusiasm, the shade of adoration. It's presumably the sexiest shade around and when painted on your lips, its... more

The Lipstick Trends for 2014 Season 

May 24, 2014Make Up Trends
Spring-cleaning may be about disposing of old apparel and giving your kitchen a profound scour, however the extent that we're concerned,... more

Top 5 Makeup Trends for Summer 2014 

May 17, 2014Make Up Trends
Spring-cleaning may be about disposing of old apparel and giving your kitchen a profound clean, yet the extent that we're concerned, summer... more