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Korean girl with gray hair color

Gray Hairstyle Trends Among Young Women 

July 22, 2015Hair Style
Slowly transformed into a darker reiteration, platinum hair was gray hair's closest successor. As the province of British hipsters, gray... more
Medium Bouffant Hair Hairstyles for Homecoming

4 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Homecoming 

May 18, 2015Hair Style
Homecoming is one of the most anticipated events for girls in their teenage years because this is the time where they get to play make up... more
Hairstyle for little girls bob with bangs

Your Ultimate Tips Of Cute Hairstyles For Little Girls with Short Hair 

May 11, 2015Hair Style
Back in the day, a lot of little girls really like having a long hair that they can play with. But the new trend in the hairstyling has... more

Cute Braided Hairstyle Ideas for Little Black Girls 

April 29, 2015Hair Style
Children are funny and cute, they can make us adore them with their innocence faces. They still have natural look with no makeup and... more
Girl Mohawk Fauxhawk Hairstyles

Mohawk Hairstyles for Stylish Girls 

April 29, 2015Hair Style
Nowadays there have been so many kinds of hairstyles we can apply to our hair for fashion needs. Boys and girls are acceptable to apply any... more
One-Side Braids Hairstyle for Black Girls

Braiding Hairstyles for Black Girls 

April 20, 2015Hair Style
Nowadays, braided hairstyle become popular among girls, as it makes them look pretty, stylish, and trendy. Black girls love to apply this... more
Asymmetrical haircuts messy Long hair for women

Look Great with Asymmetrical Haircut for Women 

April 10, 2015Hair Style
Women are always careful of what hairstyle they apply for their hair. It is because their hair is one of the best parts of women’s body... more
Modern Mohawk hairstyles for black women

Best Haircuts for Black Women 

April 8, 2015Hair Style
Women are beautiful, no matter what their skin color is. Dark-skinned women are as beautiful as white women, even some people say that they... more

Top 5 Men’s Hairstyle 2015 

March 5, 2015Hair Style Trends
Both men and women like to go to barbershop or even beauty shop to maximize their look. Women would do anything in beauty shop for their... more

Make Ourselves Attractive With Women Top Hairstyle 2015 

March 3, 2015Hair Style
One of the most important assets for women is hair which is why looking up to the women top hairstyle 2015 for our hair should be pursued.... more