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Four Gorgeous and Beautiful Shiny Leggings High Waist 

Shiny leggings high waist will make your body looks slimmer and you will have your confident to meet somebody that you love. There is a... more

7 Winter Pregnancy Fashion Outfits 

For those of you who are pregnant and need a couple of dress during this summer, it is perfect for you to try to wear winter pregnancy... more

How to Choose Crochet Dress Pattern Based on Skill 

May 29, 2015Girl Dress
The most important stitches in crochet dress pattern are single crochet, chain and double crochet. If you know all of these fundamental... more

Stay Different And Unique With Hipster Girl Fashion 

If we want to stay different from all of the happening fashions in today’s era then we should really try hipster girl fashion. This... more

Fashion Bug Stores, Plus Size Fashions 

February 21, 2015Girl Dress Women Clothing
There are a lot of clothing stores in this world. All has their own unique and signature, there are some that focusing on knitwear, some... more

Fashion Bug Online Plus Dress Collections 

February 16, 2015Girl Dress Women Clothing
Love your body no matter what. This campaign is probably growing bigger and bigger each year, the campaign to make a woman love no matter... more

50’s Fashion for Prom? Why Not! 

Prom night for some people probably becomes one of the most important event during their teenage life, especially for girls. This is the... more

Great Tips for Curvy Girl Fashion 

January 23, 2015Fashion Ideas Girl Dress
Love your body you live in, doesn’t matter what shape you have. Altough not many people really believe it, This quote it seems to be... more

Trussardi Athletic Fashion for Women 

November 1, 2014Girl Dress Sport Fashion
Some designers are looking for the best idea to design a new face of today’s fashion. Considering many aspects of life, designers try to... more

Two Luxurious Lovely Dresses to Make You the Center of Attention 

October 24, 2014Girl Dress
If you want to attend a social event in stylish style, you can choose to wear a long dress. The long dress will make you look well-dressed... more