Velour Blazer – Fine Addition for Your Wardrobe Collection

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Velour Blazer – Fine Addition for Your Wardrobe Collection. Making your wardrobe look more refine can be done by having velour blazer added for you, both ladies and men. The texture that is pretty much velvety matches perfectly with any trendy style you are wearing, even with thin shirt and denim jeans. Since the color of the blazer is pretty tolerable with other colors, you can wear wide range of colors with it. Moreover, the blazer can be used for years, making it one of those great lifelong items. As long as you can combine it tastefully, you will surely find it timeless.

The fabric of velour blazer might be woven from the mixing filament of cotton, silk and fleece. The combination of these materials creates diverse texture that will look great with various outfits and comfortable to be worn. Even though there are huge variations of the fabric, most design applied typical-filament velvets and velour’s. Based on fashion experts, the most noteworthy velour fabric is the one that is not too thin and have delicate hair which arousing and comfortable to wear. So if you are about to choose any velour outfits, it is better to choose the one having those characteristics.

Unlike ladies velour blazer designs that are normally more fitted and stressing on the waist to focus on the curve, man’s designs normally cut just like nautical blazer line. Ladies and men who have larger figures will still look good by choosing the fitted blazer. Since some blazer have specific cutting and style on them, you can look for the one you prefer. Recently, blazers with ruffle accent on the chest are pretty popular. You can go along with the flow or choose more striking shape like asymmetrical design, but make sure that the cutting fits your figure.

In order to obtain unique blazer, you could always customize your blazer to the workman. However, you need to make sure that the sewing is flawless and there is no stray string to keep you blazer fabulous. Since the fabric of velour is directional, if there is on one single string sewn incorrectly, it may cause unfavorable damage for your blazer. Moreover, a good blazer should have unobvious shading contrast, so you should make sure that each part of the clothing is situated in the same bearing. When you have put great effort in your velour blazer, you can wear it in cool day without having your style reduced.


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