How to Get Grunge Style Clothing

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Grunge style clothing is a style which is based on the grunge music scene. Why this grunge style clothing is very likely used by many teenagers because it is comfortable, dirty and steeped in flannel heavily. Grunge style clothing first shown in Seattle in the late 80s and early 90s when super bands such as Pearl jam, Alice in Chains and of course Nirvana was making a big impact in the world of music. In order to get grunge style clothing you have to visit a thrift store, do a couple of damage to your denim and show the grunge attitude.

Unkempt Look

Grunge is described by a mess look which combines the style of punk with working-class clothing. In order to get grunge style clothing, you just have to give up each and every value that you might put into matching or appearing too clean.

Shopping at a thrift store

Grunge style clothing is everything about cheap clothing which is worn in a careless and I don’t care way. There are a couple of thrift stores that you can visit such as Salvation Army, Crossroads and Goodwill which are perfect places to buy second-hand clothes that suitable for you and of course suitable for your budget. You have to choose a couple of clothes which are a little big in you. You can also visit H&M store which offers a couple of great stuffs. You have to consider avoiding colored items which are bright and you have to stick with the muted colors and black clothing.

Flannel investment

One of the important things of grunge style clothing is a flannel shirt. Flannel was related into the grunge style clothing in the 90s which is basically very cheap and continues to be the important thing of the grunge style clothing. You have to choose flannels in muted and slightly faded colors. You can wear an over-sized flannel over your t-shirt of when you wear undershirt which has long-sleeved.

Wear denim which has been ripped

It is perfect for you make your own ripped denim and wear that denim. Rip jeans are other important things of the grunge style clothing. You have to consider that the rip jeans that you bought on the store look different than rip jeans that you are ripped by yourself. If you want to get more authentic grunge style clothing, you have to rip your own jeans.



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