Garage Sale, Why Not?

November 24, 2013Posted by berthain Casual Fashion

Garage Sale, Why Not? A boucle coat by Marks and Spencer, white dress by Jonathon Ashton, boots by Prada, and bag by Hermes, who don’t want to wear all those stuff? Going out in all those branded things is a dream of every woman. But, shop and bring all those branded things need a huge amount of money, right?

For well-off people, it is easy to shop all those things, but if you are not one of them, would you just stay at home because you don’t have branded dress to wear? It is so silly. Have you ever thought about shopping at the garage sale? You will find many nice dresses, pants, shoes, etc. If you are lucky, you can find branded things with a very cheap price there.

  Many people perhaps never stepped their feet in a garage sale, but actually shopping in a garage sale can be a great solution that is worth trying. Usually, clothes that is sold in a garage sell still has a great quality and still look nice. People sell their clothes in garage sale because they are bored with their clothes, not because the clothes is broken. But, shopping in a garage sale needs an extra carefulness. There might be a dress with a hole or something. Also, don’t forget to clean the dress many times to get rid of the germs. You have to be smartly picky in a garage sell.

Branded things are very tempting, but if in a garage sale you don’t find it, you have to believe that brand is not everything. Cheap dress or a second-handed dress is good. The most important is the way you wear it. Be smart in mixing dress you will wear. Pick a matching dress and wear it confidently. Never mind the brand because if you wear it confidently, people won’t question the brand anymore.



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