Popular Types of Classic Man Bag Designs

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Fashion is not dominated only by women. Men also have their own taste and characters over fashion. Similar to women, men also have several fashion statements. One of the most well known men’s fashion statements is men’s bag. Actually, bag is the most important thing in human’s daily life.

Instead of its function, bag is also needed to complete any fashion styles. For men, bag becomes outstanding fashion statement which can increase their daily performance. Here we provide some of classic man bag designs. If you are interested, you can try to have some.

Classic Man Bag Designs : Holdall

Holdall is a man bag which is used to carry many goods for travelling. This type of men’s bag is very popular since many of businessmen like to travel to some countries to meet the clients or enjoy holiday. Holdall consists of several cases which can be used to carry clothes, snacks, toiletries, or business files. Commonly, Holdall is carried by holding the double handles.

Classic Man Bag Designs : Tote Bag

Almost similar with Holdall, Tote bag is a man bag which is carried by holding the handles like grocery bag. Besides, this bag can also be carried by hanging it on a shoulder. Actually, Tote bag appears like bag which is commonly used by artisans or carpenters. However, now as the fashion grows further, Tote bag represents the classic and stunning businessman image.

Classic Man Bag Designs : Briefcase

This type of bag is very popular for building worker image. Businessmen like to use briefcase to go to work. The regular shape of a briefcase is boxy and sharp edges. Now, the shape of briefcase develops more. You can find any briefcases which have more attractive shape.

Classic Man Bag Designs : Messenger Bag

Appear as one of well known classic man bag designs then messenger bag has so many fans around the world. Obviously, this type of bag is inspired from the small and square bag which was used by messengers or mail men. It is usually made of canvas or leather. To use it, you can swing it crosswise your shoulder.

Classic Man Bag Designs : Newsboy Bag

Similar with messenger bag, the production of newsboy bag is also inspired by the bag used by newsboy to carry newspaper. However, it is less formal than the messenger bag. It is commonly made of traditional canvas and also leather. The newsboy bag is a very classic man bag which can be perfectly matched to man casual outfits.

Carrying one of previous mentioned men’s bags will make your performance more attractive. Moreover, having some of those classic bags can help you increase your daily performance whether it is formal or not. Amazingly, by carrying one of those bags you will feel like you are stepping on your own runway wherever you go.

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