Cute and Functional Mini Handbag

October 6, 2013Posted by berthain Bag

Cute and Functional Mini Handbag. If you are bored of using your medium to large size handbag, it seems to be the right time for you to turn to mini handbag that is in fact quite trending in the world of fashion now.

Seen from the size of this handbag, it is possible for you to mistaken it as pouch. The fact is that it is not a pouch. It is only the smaller version of handbag that simply looks so cute. Sometimes, a handbag with mini design like this is often completed with long strap that can make it easier for you to bring it around.


Even the size of this mini handbag is rather small, the bag is still functional. It is perfect to be used to carry some small stuff, such as wallet and also mobile phone.

This function makes the bag as a perfect fashion accessory to be used when you are about to hang out with your friend and do not really want to bring a lot of stuff because it will just be too heavy for you that you cannot really enjoy the time. The small size of the bag and also the long strap make the bag even easier to carry.

If the design of this mini handbag is rather elegant, it is actually also a perfect type of bag to use in attending formal occasion, such as formal parties or other formal events. Elegant design like this can be found in a bad that is made from snake-print material, premium leather material, sequin material, and also some black color material. As a rather new fashion trend, there are no certain colors that are mentioned to be better to choose for the bag. If it may help, you can try to choose some colors that are trending this year. This way, you can create an even perfect fashion look.


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