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Fashion Makeup Trends as Interesting Topic in World’s Fashion News 

September 30, 2012Fashion Issue
Recently, there are so many topics color the world’s fashion news. Fashion makeup trends are a topic which seems to be major in many... more

New Fashion that You Should Know 

September 28, 2012Fashion Ideas Hot Fashion
New fashion can be various. It depends on the taste of the designer. That is why it is better for you to determine which designer that will... more

Choosing Type of Collar Based on the Shape of Face and Neck 

September 25, 2012Accessories Fashion Ideas
The type of collar plays a significant part in determining whether a person has a fashionable look or not. It can be said so for collar is... more

How to Face the Issue for Transgender Model 

September 24, 2012Fashion Issue
Issue for transgender model is booming today. Transgender is a situation when someone from a certain sex is doing for some efforts so that... more

Minimizing the Risk of Animal Suffering for Fashion As Soon As Possible 

September 22, 2012Fashion Issue
Animal suffering for fashion has become one of the hottest issues today. It is undeniable that one of the most favorite materials for... more

Wedge Heels Have Come Back 

September 21, 2012Shoes
Wedge heels become to be the trending footwear again for this year. This kind of footwear has been very popular for some decades ago,... more